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The Best Rated Car Detailing Job in East York

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Join the Cleen family and see why our Detailer's rate their car detailing job experience an 9.4/10 on average. Apply now before applications close!
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East York Car Detailing Jobs
  • Earn an "Living Wage" - we pay over 30-50% above the average in the industry. Depending on experience & where you live, earn from $23.10-$28.25/hr
  • No past car detailing experience necessary (if we have experience, we'd also love to have you)! We provide all the training & support you need to be successful).
  • Build your career, and learn a valuable trade. After building your detailing skills with Cleen for two years, you can expect to earn $30/hour or more.
  • Get full-time hours with optional overtime. You'll working either 5-weekdays, or 4-weekdays plus Saturday. Want to work 6-days a week and get overtime? No problem.
  • Start ASAP & work until our season ends Mid-November. You'll also priority job opportunities our partner Snow Removal companies throughout the winter!
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Here's what you need to know

We're Canada's fastest growing technology-driven mobile car detailing service. Our customers can book their service in a few clicks, and receive a 5-star car detailing service from our awesome team of detailers, right on the customer's driveway.

As a Detailer at Cleen, you will be part of a team that cares about more than money. We respect, support, and share continuous feedback to help everyone improve in the roles. Better than us telling you we're great, you should listen to the experiences of our current & former employees to get the best sense of what it's like working at Cleen. 

A Day in a life of a Detailer at Cleen

To provide the best experience for new detailers, each new hire will go through 5-10 full days of paid training & mentorship.

Here's what a typical day might look like...

7:30am or 8:30am - Ensure your Cleen Kit is loaded up in your vehicle

  • You'll start your morning by ensuring your "Cleen Kit"(the detailing tools & equipment we provide) is loaded up in your vehicle (most of the time the equipment is already stored in your vehicle).  
  • Using the our Detailer app, you'll drive your vehicle to the first service appointment of the day (usually within a 15-30km radius of where you live).

8:00am or 9:00am - The "Morning" Job

  • Once you've arrived at the first detailing appointment of the day (the "Morning job"). You'll use the Detailer app to clock-in, and follow our step-by-step checklist to greet the client, get setup on the jobsite, then get to work giving them a real #CleenEffect experience.

11:00am or 12:00pm - Lunch

  • After your first job is complete, you will take a 30-minute lunch break to relax and recharge before going to your second appointment (the "Midday job".

1:00pm - The "Afternoon" Job

  • If the "Mid-day" job is a shorter booking, then you may have a final "Afternoon" job as your third booking for the day. One last #CleenEffect!

4:30pm or 5:30pm (up to 6:30pm) Pack-up & Head Home!

  • After your last job for the day, you'll load up the equipment, and head home for the day. We aim for each shift to last for 8-10 paid hours, and provide 30-40 hours of work each week. Most shifts, you will work from 8:00am to 4:30pm, however is is possible for a shift to run until 6:30pm once in a while!

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Adeen Saqib
Ottawa, Ontario

Max Skene
Ottawa, Ontario

We care about having a great team culture

Fun Social Events

  • One or two times per month, we'll plan a social event (dinner, team games, etc.) for all of the detailers. It's an awesome way to build a community-like, family environment amongst the whole team.

Track Your Stats & Continuously Improve

  • We make things really fun making it possible for Detailers to see their stats in real time (# of reviews, efficiency on the job, and sales).

Grow into a Leadership Role

  • Our Lead Detailer role provides an opportunity for detailers to grow into leadership roles where they are responsible for training, supporting, & developing new Detailers.

So why work at Cleen?

We put our employees first and do things a lot differently than 99% of service businesses out there. We care deeply about the success of our employees - both on and off the job site. And we back this up with several things that set us apart from most local service employers:

  1. Get consistent hours on a regular schedule. You shouldn't have to be wondering if you'll meet your financial obligations week-to-week. Cleen hires only employees (no sub-contractors) who are on payroll, and covered by our general liability insurance and worker's compensation. 

  2. Earn a a Living Wage that helps you reach your financial and professional goals. Our detailers work hard, provide awesome customer service, and deserve to be paid a fair, living wage. Factoring in their base hourly pay, weekly bonuses, and tips, our detailers average anywhere between $23.10-28.10/hr)

  3. Perks to help you succeed on the job. We provide our detailers with a full uniform (5 t-shirts, a raincoat, and gloves), a reimbursement for using your own phone & data, equipment storage reimbursement, and daily snacks to help them get through the day. 

  4. A fun, winning, culture that values integrity, hard work, and awesome customer service. When you join the Cleen team, you become part of the Cleen family. Whether it's shoutouts in our company Slack, or weekly performance competitions between the detailers, we make sure you have goals to work toward each shift. 

  5. Career development. For some, detailing at Cleen is a career opportunity, while for others, it's a stepping stone to get accepted into college, university, medical school, etc. We help you translate the skills and experiences you learn at Cleen into the exact qualities that your dream institutions want to see (integrity, technology, hard work, making a difference, customer service, and salesmanship).

  6. A mission to stand behind. Cleen is a certified Living Wage Employer, and we are incredibly about creating work opportunities that help our employees achieve their personal, financial, and professionals goals in life. Whatever the industry may be, in most local service businesses, it's all too common for employees to be mistreated, paid unfairly low wages, and taken advantage of.  We're here to change that in our goal to create 100 Living Wage jobs as we grow Cleen Detailing across Canada (and eventually the US). Every detail performed gets us closer to that goal - we want you to join us.

The Compensation

We are transparent about our compensation. All Detailers earn at or above the Living Wage in their region set by the non-profit "Ontario Living Wage".

Base Pay:
$20+/hour (Ottawa)
$23.15+/hr (GTA + Hamilton)

Bonus Pay: Earn up to $4/hr bonus from upsells, 5-star reviews, and productiviyy

Mileage Pay: Every Detailer earns $0.40/km when driving between job sites. This usually equals 1.5x more than what you will pay for your gas (meaning you actually earn money the KM you drive!).

Tips Pay: On average, our Detailers earn $20-50 per day in tips. This adds an extra $2 to $5/hour on average to your income.

Phone Data & Storage Pay: We pay a $30/month bonus to help cover your data use & for storing company equipment at your home.

Reviews from past employees

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the #Cleen·Effect
[ kleen uh·fekt ] noun

the rejuvanating feeling of stepping into your car after Cleen has made it feel brand new again